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AmCherry 15/20 cook (strawberry chocolate pie) ver-2

AmCherry 15/20 cook (strawberry chocolate pie... by amcherry Yum  

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Yeners Cakes

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meat ball with mustard salad

.AmCherry Cooking Blog. .Iam Cherry Blossom. AmCherry 15/20 mins cooking . .Cherry Blossom's yummy cooking recipe blog.

meat ball with mustard salad

# sauce(1): black pepper, salt, chili powder,olive oil

~mixed up the above items, then make it into medium size ball shape & fry it!

*1* meat ball with mustard salad dressing:

(A) ingredient: (meatball):

1/.fresh beef /chicken/lamb....

2/.oion.gralic,egg, thyme ,brasil leave....

3/.few piece chropped bread