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AmCherry 15/20 cook (strawberry chocolate pie) ver-2

AmCherry 15/20 cook (strawberry chocolate pie... by amcherry Yum  

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Yeners Cakes

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we love sweet do you?

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AmCherry 15/20 mins cooking-Tropical Fruity Drink

AmCherry 15/20 mins cooking-Tropical Fruity... by amcherry

AmCherry 15/20 cooking (Tropical Fruity Drink) simple easy quick recipe

                         AmCherry 15/20 cook-
Tropical Fruity Drink 

.Ingredients: fancy glass
                          fresh strawberry
                          glucose powder / white sugar
                          ice and iced water, warm water /soda drink 

That's all you need!

AmCherry 15/20 cooking it simple easy quick

  • Take Time to buy ice and soda drink from supermarket instantly.
  • (or prepare the ice and iced water last night lazily
  • Just you feel happy its alright!
This time I being lazy, that's the way I like it!

Just simply put a little bit warm water into a fancy glass (look happy)
to dissolve the glucose powder for base firstly.

Well, next cut the strawberries,lemon into slice pieces  for garnishing, and cut some into small piece for mixing juice.

and then we put some iced water ,ice, add some small piece strawberry and lemon.Until it become the juicy mixture , taste it, if you like it then well done!

finally , we just put the strawberry slice for topping around the glass .

Just 15-20 minutes finish the Tropical Drink! 

Do you feel you look like a professional bar tender now?

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